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Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga uses natural rubber in its yoga mats. Natural rubber is a sustainable and renewable resource because it is tapped from the tree much like maple syrup and all of Jade Yoga's yoga mats are made from natural rubber. This means your yoga may would contain no PVC, heavy metals, ozone depleting substances or other synthetic rubbers that are not recyclable. Natural rubber yoga mats also have the advantage of providing better grip and more cushioning compared to any other synthetic rubber yoga mats.

Most other yoga mats are made in China so the first thing Jade Yoga did in order to be environmentally friendly was keep production in the USA. These mats are made in compliance with all US environmental and labor laws but how certain can you be that other mats on the market are also made with employees in mind. Further making the mats closer to your home reduces the carbon emissions from transportation.

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