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Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson

Pets need to be active in order to be healthy and active applies to more than just being physically active, it also applies to mentally active. That is why Nina Ottosson makes a variety of pet puzzle toys to engage your pet mentally. Each pet toy is designed to motivate and stimulate your pet in different ways so you can find the perfect puzzles for your pet.

As the sustainability of our life styles become more and more important the need for sustainable products also increases which is why these puzzles are designed to be from 40% plastic and 60% wood. Only recyclable plastics are used too, so once the puzzle is no longer useful as a puzzle you can make sure that it can be reused to make something else. The wood that is used is natural and free from chemical additives that can be found in many other woods. Whether you are concerned about the quality of materials your pet will be playing with or what effect those materials have on the environment, the pet puzzle toys from Nina Ottosson are your worry free choice.

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