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Energy Efficient Eco-Trait

The energy Efficient Eco-Trait applies to all of our green products that reduce or minimize our energy consumption compared to the alternatives, from Energy Star appliances to HE products to wind and solar powered devices. If a product helps us conserve energy in our everyday lives it gets the Energy Efficient Eco-Trait.

There are many ways we can be energy efficient and some are more obvious than others. Everyone knows that they can install solar panels to reduce their energy consumption but what about installing HE showerheads or using a manual coffee press? The Energy Efficient Eco-Trait was created specifically to help customers find both the obvious and not-so-obvious ways they can help save energy in their everyday lives.

The Energy Efficient Eco-Trait is all encompassing and includes Energy Star and HE (High Efficiency) products along with items powered by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal and those items that require no energy at all and can replace other energy consuming products. No longer will you have to decipher if a product will help you cut that energy bill, with one click you can apply the Energy Efficient Eco-Trait and know that your making the energy conscious decision.

Every wonder what the Energy Star and High Efficiency (HE) certification really mean? You're not alone, click here to get more info on Energy Star and HE.

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*With all of the different certifications out there it can get very confusing as to what they all mean but we love to help clear away the confusion around the environmental certification programs.

Energy Star is a government-backed certification system that label products that contribute significant energy savings nationwide, deliver outstanding performance and be either price competitive to alternatives or make up the price difference between them and their less-efficient counterpart through utility bill savings. While you often see this label on appliances and electronics it is also used for other materials such as roofing products, windows and insulation and even plumbing products.

High Efficiency products are those that use less resources than their alternatives, energy or otherwise. You often see the HE label applied to clothes washers because they use less water and consequently less energy because you don't need to heat, pump and clean as much water. However, it can also be used on other products that use resources in a more eco-conscious way. If you still have questions about these certifications just contact us and we'll help guide you through them.