What is GreenCupboards product evaluation?

Here at, our Green Compliance Team makes sure that every product we carry goes through rigorous review before we put it on our site as a part to do everything we can to keep these earth sustainable. As a part of the eco-dialogue we strive to maintain, we want you to know what our process for review encompasses to further assist your green lifestyle. Listed are the 4 P's we look at when evaluating new products:

1. Product
2. Packaging
3. Process
4. People

Product:The quality of goods you receive are important to us. We want to provide you with truly green products that meet our high standards. We take into account the general green qualities of a product and, if applicable, we also consider categories that have other criteria that fits. Here are the criteria we look at ...

Is/does the product ...

  • Made in the USA or Fair Trade
  • Recycled or Recyclable
  • Natural
  • Biodegradable or Reusable
  • Compostable
  • Have a Green Use
  • Contain No Harmful Chemicals
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Bonus: Have a Known Seal/Certification

If applicable we also consider ...

Baby & Kids Organic, BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Fragrance Free
Electronics Energy Star, Recyclability of Circuitry
Grocery & Prep Gluten Free, Kosher, GMO Free, Organic, MSG Free
Home & Outdoor Energy Star, Pesticide Free
Office & Organization Soy and Water-based Inks, Refillable Supplies
Personal Care Cruelty Free, No Artificial Fragrances or Fragrance Free, Paraben Free
Pet Supplies Organic; No Unnatural Fillers in Food
Toys & Games BPA Free, Battery Free, Handmade

Packaging: How you receive your product is important to the reduction in waste. If you are purchasing a green product, we strive to make sure its packaging is just as eco-savvy as the goods being shipped. We take into account how the product is packaged, the nature and construction of the packaging itself and the way it is transported. The following factors are taken into consideration as we decide which manufacturers to carry:

  • Is the packaging biodegradable and/or recyclable?
  • Is minimal packaging used?
  • How are items shipped? (train, freight or air?)

Process:The way your product is made affects the global environmental footprint. Thus, we actively search for companies that create minimal byproduct or offset their waste production. For instance, is solar/wind/water power used to power a plant; is a tree planted for every tree cut down, etc.

  • Does the company off set its carbon or environmental footprint? How?
  • Does the company have an eco-friendly manufacturing environment? In what way(s)?
  • Bonus: Alternative reduction methods?

People: We care about people, and consider companies that give back to their communities through social justice or charitable programs to be on our globally minded team. Since global and social stewardship are near and dear to the entire team, we ask these questions while evaluating a company’s global, social and/or humanitarian mission:

  • Does the company give back to society through charitable, humanitarian or active immersion?
  • Does the office promote greenness/environmental living?

What is the Green Compliance Team?

The Green Compliance Team (GCT) was originally created to serve as an in-house environmental evaluation corps tasked with questioning and critiquing our own green practices or lack thereof in the office. The GCT has invented many innovative, yet challenging, ways in which our operations reflect our product mission. Following a regulatory regimen of in-office and purchasing practices allows the team the follow through with its mission to create a healthier planet. Complementary to our own practices, our goal is to perpetuate a similar sense of stewardship to our customers by:

1. Approving products that meet our green standard
2. Providing more opportunities to be more green around the office
3. Providing activities for employees to be involved in the local community

What if a product is no longer green?

We listen to our customers! If at any time, GreenCupboards learns that a vendor no longer maintains a standard of eco-friendly practices, we may discontinue offering its products. We also want to hear about your ideas for new offerings on

What if I have ideas for other products I'd like to see on

We want to hear your ideas about new offerings on! We also encourage you to send any other suggestions, comments or ideas you think might be helpful for us. Please contact us via phone, email, or snail mail--whatever works best for you. Contact us.