Reusable Eco-Trait

The Reusable Eco-Trait helps you find products that are engineered to withstand multiple uses and are thereby reducing the amount of potential waste by buying single use goods.

There can be a hefty amount of grey area with buying reusable goods for greener living. It’s either reusable or not, right? Well, sometimes it’s not that simple. After all, socks are technically reusable and wine bottles usually aren’t … or are they? A simple way to look at it is to think of packing up your sandwich for lunch in a stainless steel container versus a ziplock bag. The stainless steel container will stand up to several more uses than the ziplock bag and therefore lead to less waste. There you have it, a perfect example of a reusable product. (By the way, we sell great stainless steel food containers)

We created the Reusable Eco-Trait so you could just shop for the best reusable products on the market and not be constantly evaluating each product, let us do all of that work for you. Now the Reusable Eco-Trait might sound like the Recyclable Eco-Trait, however the Reusable Eco-Trait is appropriate for our example since the product (the reusable baby diaper) isn’t being structurally or chemically repurposed or recycled. Don't worry though, you can shop by both Eco-Traits and find the perfect product for you that is both reusable and recyclable.

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