Use This Map to Find Brands in Your Community

Why Shop Local?

Shopping local supports, invests in, and strengthens your local and regional communities. We understand that it is not always possible to buy local but we want to make it easier to understand where the products you buy on come from. We believe it is important for everyone to think first about buying local products, in fact, the GreenCupboards Core Value #9 is "Contribute to our communities".

How We Help You Shop Local

Explore this map by community, state, and region to learn more about the businesses in your back yard. Also, use this map to better understand the unique businesses that create and produce the products you select to fill your life and home with.

How Shopping Local Affects Our Communities

  • By spending money with local businesses, you are pumping money directly back into your local economy, strengthening it for a better tomorrow. This in turn helps create and maintain local jobs as well as ensuring local non-profits and organizations are better supported through tax dollars.
  • Buying local encourages each city and town to flourish in its own unique personality. Where we shop, dine out and have fun makes our cities our home. By investing in local businesses, we are helping to maintain one-of-a-kind character and unique flavor.