Tribest - Touchless Trashcan SX

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Tribest - Touchless Trashcan SX

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This 100% touch-free trash can creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean while cooking or playing with children. Also it helps prevent contamination, which reduces the threat of becoming ill. In addition, the Touchless Trashcan could outlast most conventional trash cans since you don't touch it, so you can't break it! As your hand or debris enter the zone 6 inches from the infrared sensor on top of the trash can, the lid will automatically open. The lid will remain open if debris or hand is within the 6 inch range of the infrared sensor. 3 seconds after your hand moves away from the lid it will automatically close. No up or down lid motion means more capacity in less space. At top front of the lid there are manual open and close buttons, and there is a on/off power switch on the back of the trash can. This 2nd generation automatic trash can has improved sensor sensitivity to prevent accidental opening, and stronger hinges for more durable operation. Fits any standard 13 gallon size trash bag. Comes with bag retainer ring to secure and hide the trash bag inside the trash can. Optional AC power adaptor is available to save on battery cost.